Thank you for showing an interest in your child being admitted to our school. Please come and visit – come and see our happy children learning and exploring together.  Please call the school office on 01260 272528 or email to make an appointment to meet the Head teacher and have a tour of the school.

We welcome all and you do not need to have any religion or attend church to be part of our Astbury family – even though the current admission policy emphasises this – changes are being made to our admission policy for Sept 2020 which reflect Church of England views that “schools are established primary for the communities they are located in.  They are inclusive and serve equally those of other faiths and those with no faith.”

Astbury School has a single intake into the Reception class each year. Children must have reached four years old prior to the 1st September in the year of admission.

Applications for older children to be admitted into other classes will be considered individually and are dependent upon space being available. Please contact the school office.

The Head teacher will explain our admission policy to you in full detail and if you are able to visit, will take you on a tour of the school. This is your opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have regarding the educational provision for your child. You will be able to observe pupils in the course of their school day.

After your visit, you need to apply for a place through Cheshire East at

Visits are not a compulsory part of the admissions process and will not effect decisions on whether a place can be offered at our school.

Waiting list

Where we have more applications than places, the admissions criteria will be used. Children who are not admitted will have their name placed on a waiting list. The names on the waiting list will be in the order resulting from the application of the admission criteria. The waiting list will be held up until the end of the autumn term.


Where the governors are unable to offer a place because the school is oversubscribed, parents have the right to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel, set up under the School Standards and Framework Act, 1998, as amended by the Education Act 2002. Parents should notify the clerk to the governors, within 20 days of receiving the letter refusing a place. Parents have a statutory minimum of 20 school days in which to appeal a decision not to offer a place.

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