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Welcome to Class Mary!

Dear Parents/carers,

First of all, please can we just say thank you for the support that you have shown us at this challenging time. Looking at recent feedback from parents, we wanted to provide more structured home learning for the families that have asked for it. Moving forward, each week, year groups will be sent a range of resources to access. We understand that each child’s home learning experience is different and many of you are juggling multiple children home-learning, alongside your own work; we really appreciate you supporting your child however you can. We are also aware that some of you have already established routines and preferred learning methods – please continue with these if you feel they are best for your child(ren).

We continue to encourage BBC Bitesize lessons, but will also be sharing other maths, English and foundation subject lessons from Oak National Academy. Alongside this, additional reading, SPaG and maths activities will be provided for your child to complete.

We are aware that some of your children may not be returning to school until September. Knowing this, it is important for us to be even more in touch with your child’s learning. We will be encouraging weekly updates of children’s work to be sent to the class teacher – this is not for teachers to mark but to provide informal feedback. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions or share any experiences which you may have had that week e.g. What’s worked, what hasn’t and any support needed moving forward.

We will be encouraging longer pieces of writing and opportunities for these to happen – using the Talk for Writing units, online lessons and other online resources. We would also like you to encourage your child(ren) to be working in a workbook and to be thinking about their presentation. If you have completed the workbook sent from school, then please request another one. It would be great if your child’s workbook could be shared with the teacher/class in September (or whenever they return to school) and their ‘Lockdown Learning’ could be celebrated.

In terms of expectations for learning, there is no set expectation for children to be working from 9 – 3 each day (unless that is what they want/what is working). Instead, small chunks of work, maybe a couple of hours of focussed and purposeful work, would be much more beneficial and manageable. Again, if you have an established routine that is working for you, please continue with this.

Some parents have asked if their child could be given a ‘project’ to complete. Our project for this half term is called ‘faces that changed history’ - this can be interpreted and presented in any way you wish.

This project could provide many opportunities for some exciting learning and we cannot wait to see who the children choose to focus on! Please remember, that project work is only a suggestion, it is not compulsory.

As of next week, spelling activities will be sent out weekly – these can be accessed on ActiveLearn. We have also attached the Year 3/4 Spelling list which children should be learning each week (please see attached). If there are other spelling activities that you’re already doing at home/your child(ren) prefer, then please stick to these.

To encourage more reading and comprehension at home, there will be a reading activity sent out weekly. We have also attached some questions that you could ask when you are listening to your child(ren) reading. Below, there are some additional reading resources which enable children to: explore different books, find what books they might enjoy, read a range of poetry, as well as listening to books read aloud.

Websites linked to Reading - listen to the world’s best poetry read out loud. - helps you to discover the very best kids’ books. Simply choose an age range, pick as many themes as you want to, search through thousands of books reviews, and get reading. a recommendation site for children’s books. - children everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across eight different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids

Please remember that staff are here to support you and your child(ren). If you do have any questions or you would like to provide feedback on activities/lessons etc. then please email us and we will be more than happy to help.

Please continue to keep in touch and stay safe.

Home learning

CDAT learning resources:

Children will also have logins to Bug Club (active learn), Purple mash and yr1 - 6 have Times Table Rock Stars. 

We are Year 3 and Year 4 and our teaching team this year includes: Mrs Wade (Class teacher), Mrs Armitt, Mrs Bonney and Mrs Kerins.

Class information:

  • PE will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Homework will be sent out on Wednesdays and should be handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings will be sent out on Mondays and will be tested on Fridays.
  • Children are expected to read at least three times per week at home. This should be recorded clearly in their reading diaries and signed. 

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