Collective Worship

Worship at Astbury School is a time when our community can:-


·       Have an opportunity to learn more about God, understand how I should behave, on my own and with others and to learn about the world I live in.

·       Celebrate the life of the school, knowing God is always with us.

·       Learn how the church, which we are part of, worships God in different ways.

·       Know when the special days are in the churches year and why we celebrate them.

·       Talk to God in the way I want to and think about my faith and what I believe.

·       Learn more about the Christian faith which helps me understand more in my RE lessons.

·       See the wonders of the world around me which God has made and help me to understand how to care for it.

·       Learn about people of other faiths and how to live peacefully with them.


Astbury School is a Church of England (aided) School and our worship is therefore in accordance with the faith and practice of the Church of England. A collective act of worship is held every day. The responsibility for the act of worship lies with the Foundation Governors, after consultation with the Head Teacher. Acts of worship are led by the Head Teacher, class teachers, the incumbent, children and visitors.
On special occasions our acts of worship are held in St Mary’s church. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the act of worship.


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